It happens — people really do quit. Read about a few victories. Every day, people are quitting tobacco. You are not alone. Use this page to read other stories about those who have quit, their successes and their struggles.

I STRONGLY, STRONGLY suggest that everyone utilizes every tool available on the website, from the daily pledges, speaking to the Quit Coaches, and reading throughout different threads. One of the most valuable tools that helped and continues to help me is the “Friends” option because you find yourself quickly making friends and being an advocate for others in their pursuit to quit smoking. I absolutely cannot start my day without checking this website.
You were THERE, from the beginning! Kind and quick support with a friendly voice is exactly what I sought and received. My prayers to God for the strength to quit and your support made it all possible. After 43 years of smoking, I am tobacco free at 14 days!
I was very impressed with the positive attitude all the representatives had in encouraging me to believe in myself that I could actually quit smoking.
Your counselors are extremely knowledgeable and caring. They truly understand what you're going through, because they've been there!
The people I talked to seemed to actually care if I quit smoking. Good job!
The guy was very professional and very down to earth which made me very comfortable to speak and open up to. Answered all my questions very good, and gave me the best advice on how to cut corners and avoid the smoking habits.
The call was very pleasant. The coach I talked to was very kind, patient, and took her time explaining everything in a way I could understand.
[My Coach] listened to my weakest moments to smoke. She gave me a lot of ways of distractions and coping skills. No lecture! She was understanding. She explained the program and advised of ways to push past the cravings.
I am just so thankful for this program. It really has made a big change in my life. Not only am I not smoking anymore, I can breathe so much easier. I am not using my inhaler nearly as much as I used to. Thank you…thank you.
I wanted to just send out a huge applause to all of you at the quitline for everything you’ve done to help people like me. I saw the commercials and they motivated me to call in, but it’s through the coaching that I’ve really been able to gain enough confidence to quit and stay committed to this promise to remain a nonsmoker. I love myself a little bit more every day, and I know that if I do struggle you all are just a phone call away. Thank you so very much!
My last cigarette was over a month ago, and I am going to be a nonsmoker for the rest of my life! I just want to thank you all. I couldn’t have done it without you, and the nicotine gum made such a big difference. My grandkids are so happy, and I can keep up with my grandson now!
I have been committed to not smoking for 302 days. My year mark is just around the corner and I am so excited. I have had the best support, and I am telling you encouragement is so important. I have people taking me out for a steak dinner to celebrate my year of not smoking, and I will call you on that day too. Thank you for all of your help.

last updated March 5, 2024