Help yourself quit tobacco.

Help Yourself Quit Tobacco.

Ready to Quit

If you are ready to quit, we can help. The Texas Tobacco Quitline provides confidential, free, and convenient cessation services to Texas residents ages 13 and older to assist them in quitting all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, through individualized support services. Nicotine replacement therapy and quit coaching sessions are available for adults ages 18 and older. There is also a youth digital program available for those ages 13-17.

The Texas Tobacco Quitline is accessible through all major mobile and desktop operating systems. Services are provided in both English and Spanish. Interpretation for other languages is available for phone services.

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Quit by Phone

Call 1-877-YES-QUIT (1-877-937-7848) to enroll in Texas Tobacco Quitline services, including a customized quit plan made just for you and one-on-one support from a certified Quit Coach.

Call 1-877-YES-QUIT

Quit Online

Not able to call right now? No problem. Enroll in the Texas Tobacco Quitline online at any time.

Quit Online 

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